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ShanScription Medical Transcription

Please see below for a description of our services and corresponding rates.

Local Phone-in Dictation

Local phoned-in dictation is transcribed at 12 cents per line.

Please click on the link below to download instructions for the phone in system.

click here to download file

Toll-Free Phone-In Dictation

Toll-free phoned-in dictation is transcribed for 13 cents per line.

Tape Dictation

Tape dictation is picked up and delivered at no charge to the customer. Tape dictation is transcribed at 12 cents per line.

Word Processing

We will provide word processing services including forms creation and set up, flyers, non-medical correspondence and/or documents, research documents, etc. for your practice/office. These services are provided at $15 per hour.

All rates are subject to change with or without prior notice. All rates secured by customers however will not be altered without thirty day prior written notice and agreement.