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The Forresters
Our Jobs


Ric is back working at Pauley Construction and has been since our return to Arizona. This past weekend he and some guys from work helped provide and setup barricades for a marathon which was held in Apache Junction.


As of today (1/22/02), I am a "Tele-Relay Operator" for MCI. What I will be doing is as follows:

A deaf or speech impaired individual uses a machine to type their conversations and that will come to me. I will then speak what they have communicated to the person they are calling. At that time, when that person responds, I will type what they are saying to the impaired person. (does that make sense!?) I start my training this coming Friday. It sounds like really interesting work and it will feel good to know that I am helping people communicate who otherwise would have an extremely difficult time. Will keep you posted as to how this goes!!


Brenna has been doing very well in school, getting 100%'s all over the place. She has been learning how to read and spell and do math. She is a great student and is developing great study habits already! Way to go Brenna!