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ShanScription Medical Transcription

Web Links

At-Home Medical Transcription Course

For information on a great at-home, do at your own pace medical transcription course, check out The Agency - Deborah's Touch. From the site you can view course description and ordering information.

Terminology Sites

For terminology help, visit MT Desk. This site is continuously updated with commonly used, new, sound-alike and difficult to understand terminology, word lists, sample reports, etc. This site is an excellent resource for transcriptionists of all experience and skill levels.

For a continuously updated medication listing, visit Here you will find new medications that patients are being prescribed.

Medical Spellchecking Software

For an excellent medical spellchecker, visit Spellex. I have used their products since 1996 and have been completely satisfied with its performance. You may purchase single-user or network versions. This software is compatible with today's most popular word processing programs.

Please feel free to submit links to resources you have found to be helpful in your transcription work!